USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

One of the first things every gardener needs to know to ensure the most successful garden is which growing zone they are in. All you need to do is put in your zip code.

Time to Sow: A Gardener's Guide

This guide is designed to help growers determine the appropriate time to sow certain crops based on their region and unique growing climate.

How to Buy Top Soil, Compost, or Mulch in Bulk

There is also great information on calculating how much you will need.

How Much Space Do I Need to Grow Food?

You may be surprised at how much food you can grow in a small space!

Harvest Tracker

Track your veggie harvest as well as your savings by growing your own food.

Creative Vegetable Gardener

Megan Caine is a gardening dynamo. Check out her site to learn everything you need to know about growing your own food! We love her no-nonsense approach!

Gaia Share Community

Share your produce with neighbors Grow seeds and share your bounty with the world!

Find Your Planting Schedule

Our friends at The Urban Farmer have a great resource for finding your first and last frost date, and you can click on your state to narrow it down.

Vegetable Gardening and More!

Morning Chores is a great website for all kinds of gardening, including raising livestock, making homemade items, homesteading and more. Sign up for their newsletter and share widely!

Below is a list of some of our favorite websites for learning how to grow your own food, the best way to preserve your harvest, and lots of other great information. We will be adding new links as we find them, and if you have a website you think we should add, use the contact form below to let us know!

Links and Resources

Rincon-Vitova Insectiaries

RVI produces and distributes insects and other organisms, supplies and tools for biological control of pests.